Purchase of new or used private jet

Travel in a jet, in a comfortable environment, avoid waiting in airports and be able to go where you want if you want… This dream seems inaccessible to most people, but it attracts more and more businessmen and stars. For more information contact us for used helicopter. The difference between the purchase price of a new or used personal jet is significant, particularly because the development costs of the new private aircraft also tend to increase the cost. Private plane you want to obtain, the price variations are important. In any case, in general, whether you are buying a new or used private jet, you will have to provide a lethal budget.

Costs associated with the purchase of a private jet

Owning a private jet generates fairly high fixed annual prices, which can simply be amortized by regular use. To buy Normally, it takes about 400 flight hours per year to guarantee the purchase, as opposed to transport. The colour of the interior trim and the shape of the windows are not the only things to consider. The best alternative for a trip from London to Geneva may not be suitable for a long distance trip to New York. Some aircraft may be too large to fly on airfield runways, but others too small to make long trips without increasing stops. Find the helicopter you need with the help of experienced professionals. Unless you are still on the same trip, this can be a point not to be overlooked. A new private aircraft costs on average between two and 35 million euros. The jets, which are also the most affordable, will be able to accommodate between 5 and 8 passengers for a variety of approximately 3.200 km. Massive jets cost between 16 and 30 million euros, can accommodate more than 12 passengers and cover about 6,500 km, and include the “hidden” costs of insurance, kerosene and crew at the purchase price. There are technical companies that manage all these costs for 80,000 to 150,000 euros per year.

Paying off your investment

In order to amortize its investment and subsequent costs, there are several solutions, including renting its aircraft when it is not in use and co-ownership. Thus, it is possible to lease your aircraft, in order to reduce ancillary costs, by putting it into service in a commercial aircraft control company. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain an air carrier certification from the civil aviation authorities. For its part, the aircraft management company has the advantage of providing a crew in addition to operational personnel. In the same way, it is possible to buy a personal jet with several people to share your own use and, of course, the expenses incurred. But it is necessary to localize relationships of trust for management and with the conversation of use will not be a problem.

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